Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Ladies and Sun Puddles

A couple of days ago, my mother woke me up really early. She was all, "Jessica, Jessica, look out the window!"

I took these pictures and then went back to sleep. Such is my life.
Later, when I woke up at a proper time, I decided I was going to make a Lady comic. In case I don't love you enough for you to be aware, Lady has a facebook. And often, on this facebook, she posts these little silly comics that I make for her.

So after realizing another comic was probably overdue and wondering why I couldn't hear her fans clamoring for more, I sat down to make one based on a little joke my brothers and I had come up with the day before.

I was sitting there on my bed sketching away, and all of the sudden, Lady came into my room. I should let you know that Lady never comes into my room. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don't give her food every minute of the day, unlike other people (Mum, I'm looking at you). But this time, she did. And I was wondering what she was up to until she randomly plopped down on the floor in front of me. Only it wasn't random at all.

This photo, though overexposed, explains perfectly why Lady had chosen to 1) enter my room when she never does, 2) stay, and 3) lie down on that particular spot. Sadly, she only loved me for my sun puddle. Seriously, though, it's getting to the point where I'll pet her during the day and her pretty little ears are so cold that it makes me cry. Almost.

She stayed with me for a few more minutes and then left because someone made noise in the kitchen. By the time she was done investigating, she'd forgotten about me and my warm sun puddle. Fickle Lady dawg.
Also, I made this for my bookshelf.


There's a party on my wall every day.
Oh, oh, also, I should note, not only does Lady have a facebook, she also has a blog. You should check it out.

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